Tourism Australia, the government run national tourism body for Australia, recognised the continued and significant growth occurring in the Australian cruise sector. With a need to better understand the sector itself, how it operates and the state of play, Tourism Australia were considering the role it could potentially play in the development and growth of the Australian inbound tourism market.

The brief was to provide a high level assessment of the cruise landscape in Australia and to outline a set of recommendations on how the cruise sector could contribute further to the local tourism economy.

Despite years of growth, ATG was unable to monitor performance effectively due to its reliance on manual reporting – reporting both on a regular basis and at the granular level required given its large product portfolio, were the key issues.

Two years into a Business Intelligence (BI) platform development project, they’re were struggling to get internal buy-in, to get clarity over project scope and it had not yet delivered any benefits. The brief was to reframe the purpose and scope of the BI project and support their teams to ensure progress was made and benefits were delivered.

InTouch Data, a leading hotel data business that’s known for being uniquely expert in their field, recognised that their industry was about to be disrupted by the entry of some large travel tech companies, as well as a number of venture capital backed start-ups.

Following the signing of some of the largest hoteliers in the world as clients, the company was about to double in size. The brief was to develop a plan for the future, to define and plan its next phase of growth, to introduce new business intelligence systems and processes into the business and to position it as an investment opportunity for savvy investors.

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