The Brief

Despite years of growth, ATG was unable to monitor performance effectively due to its reliance on manual reporting – reporting both on a regular basis and at the granular level required given its large product portfolio, were the key issues.

Two years into a Business Intelligence (BI) platform development project, they’re were struggling to get internal buy-in, to get clarity over project scope and it had not yet delivered any benefits. The brief was to reframe the purpose and scope of the BI project and support their teams to ensure progress was made and benefits were delivered.

Our Approach

The B Hive team:

• conducted interviews business wide with all key stakeholders and teams;

• reviewed project documentation/deliverables and took stock of progress to date including identifying issues and roadblocks;

• conducted workshops to discuss BI best practices, project challenges and confirm business priorities;

• confirmed the business case, reprioritised key milestones and adjusted the Project Plan; and

• revised the project scope, resources, timelines and budgets to deliver performance insights and process efficiencies as soon as possible.

To help support the client team in project implementation, The B Hive managed the BI project until its first significant milestone was achieved. In that capacity, The B Hive:

• focused on project reporting, getting the data mapping right and managing the data integrity challenges that resulted from project interdependencies; and

• took on a change management role – engaging widely with the business, communicating regularly to develop project awareness and conducting training on project benefits, dependencies and transition challenges.

The Outcome

• The first project milestone was delivered within four (4) months from The B Hive supporting ATG teams and only one (1) month later than the initial timeline for the project prior to The B Hive being engaged

• The milestone contributed to much greater visibility over forward margins and allowed ATG and its teams to better manage product profitability within the six months that followed

• Business wide engagement led to an improved understanding of the project purpose and benefits as well as improved employee engagement

• ATG also received a long-term project roadmap, highlighting future project requirements and benefits, as well as change recommendations including the need for organisation restructure and development of new skillsets to support its future business


The B Hive helped us to identify our BI goals and plan the most effective roadmap to achieve those goals in a logical and time efficient way. The plan is ongoing but has already enabled us to benefit from greater visibility of realtime data, which in turn has improved our decision-making speed and quality.

This year the APT brand alone will save $2M in ancillary discounting through greater visibility as a result of the BI project in 2018 v 2017.

Steve Reynolds

Chief Executive Officer, APT

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