The Brief

InTouch Data, a leading hotel data business that’s known for being uniquely expert in their field, recognised that their industry was about to be disrupted by the entry of some large travel tech companies, as well as a number of venture capital backed start-ups.

Following the signing of some of the largest hoteliers in the world as clients, the company was about to double in size. The brief was to develop a plan for the future, to define and plan its next phase of growth, to introduce new business intelligence systems and processes into the business and to position it as an investment opportunity for savvy investors.

Our Approach

The B Hive team:

• interviewed key internal stakeholders

• conducted a client survey to fully understand the businesses’ strengths, weaknesses and unique selling points

• reviewed the competitive landscape and the current value proposition

• looked for where gains in efficiency could be made

• identified areas for potential growth and profitability

• explored product development opportunities and the potential for pricing upside

• looked at practical ways to grow sales capability and the sales pipelines

The Outcome

InTouch Data received:

• a clear view of its market and competitors – i.e. a quickly evolving landscape

• a clear analysis of what customers value and where there is room for ITD to deliver greater value and increase price as a result

• a greater understanding of how customer needs and the industry dynamic should shape future product development and value proposition design to ensure the product stands out

• a sharper marketing and scalable sales approach focused on growing the sales pipeline globally and quickly through partnerships

The B Hive also provided a number of recommendations with regards to:

• product range/tiering;

• product design;

• new pricing options;

• attributes/functionality;

• training and onboarding clients;

• potential new markets; and

• the go to market (GTM) approach.


We engaged The B Hive to undertake a strategic review of our business, where they brought a fresh set of eyes and listened intently to our team and our clients. From that process I was truly surprised and energised by the depth and breadth of their analysis of our operations and in a number of instances they demonstrated an understanding of our marketplace that overtook even our own understanding.

They generated outstanding results for us and were able to provide recommendations to help scale our business, grow our profitability while also uncovering a number of new product opportunities as well.

The B Hive were always collaborative and actively partnered with our team to deliver positive outcomes and insights. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work with them again in the future.

Ryan Smith

Director of Development, InTouch Data

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