Tourism Australia engaged The B Hive to work with us to better understand the opportunities that the Cruise Segment offered to grow Australia’s appeal to international visitors and develop recommendations on how we should best approach our promotional activity in key Australian cruise source markets.

We found Tammy and the team easy to work with and their end report has provided us with some strategic thinking and interesting insights into ways we may approach this sector moving forward.

Leigh Sorensen

General Manager, Industry Relations, Tourism Australia

The B Hive has been instrumental in optimising our business and its platform including reviewing and improving process, adding discipline and rigour to products, projects and data governance and the development of both a Project Management Office and our analytical requirements.

Tammy initiated an internal mindset shift to one that accepts and supports change to allow us to reset for the future. Together with her team, they have shone a light on areas that need reshaping and introduced elements that were non-existent but important for our future success. At the same time they have been respectful of our legacy and to ensure that the core is preserved but progress stimulated to allow us to scale and provide a platform for growth.

The B Hive team worked incredibly collaboratively with our teams and it’s this partnership approach that has helped drive momentum and solid business outcomes for the ATG Group (APT, Travel Marvel, Captain’s Choice & Botanica).

Chris Hall

Managing Director, ATG Group

As independent experts in the Hospitality and Tourism industry and with their finger on the pulse when it comes to everything future, growth and innovation focused, we engaged The B Hive to conduct a Consumer Research Project that focused on identifying future intentions to cruise and consumer insights that will shape the future of the cruise industry. The B Hive successfully delivered on brief and provided a valuable demand study and accompanying consumer insights that were integrated into our conference, as well as, releasing the report to our members.

Jill Abel

Chief Executive Officer, Australian Cruise Association

We engaged The B Hive to undertake a strategic review of our business, where they brought a fresh set of eyes and listened intently to our team and our clients. From that process I was truly surprised and energised by the depth and breadth of their analysis of our operations and in a number of instances they demonstrated an understanding of our marketplace that overtook even our own understanding.

They generated outstanding results for us and were able to provide recommendations to help scale our business, grow our profitability while also uncovering a number of new product opportunities as well.

The B Hive were always collaborative and actively partnered with our team to deliver positive outcomes and insights.

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work with them again in the future.

Ryan Smith

Director of Development, Intouch Data

The B Hive was engaged to review Slingshot Accelerator Corporate Vision and Brand Positioning across all our products and services. Given the increasing rate of change within our business, we were looking to provide our founders and teams with clarity and insights to enable the business to progress to a new level, while also engaging them in that journey. 

The process has been interactive and intensive and the outcomes have been outstanding. We would highly recommend Tammy Marshall, the Founder of The B Hive and her team.

Karen Lawson

Chief Executive Officer, Slingshot Accelerator

We engaged Tammy and the B Hive to help us work our way through a challenging period for our company.  Tammy and the team have provided great guidance and support through a range of activities including stakeholder interviews, various team workshops and research initiatives delivering a cohesive strategy which was endorsed by the Board.

Their findings and recommendations extended to all areas of our business including the review of current practices, the identification of new opportunities, creating clear value propositions for the various parts of our business and a direct way forward for CruiseCo.

The B Hive were not only incredibly easy and great to work with, they also over delivered when it came to the outcomes we were looking for.  They helped frame better conversations across all levels of the business and we will continue to use them to understand all of our options as we now start to implement the outcomes of their activities.

Amanda McClelland

Chief Executive Officer, CruiseCo

Tammy Marshall is a dynamic, engaging speaker who made an outstanding contribution during PATA’s 2017 Pacific Tourism Insights Conference hosted in Vanuatu.  Her keynote presentation ‘When never enough is too much’ was highly rated by the audience due to the level of detail, insight and strategic direction she delivered. All her information was highly relevant to industry leaders of the Pacific region due to the practical application of the advice she delivered.

Chris Flynn

Regional Director Pacific, Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)

We engaged The B Hive to deliver a workshop at our annual Australian Cruise Association Conference to help provide our members with the insights and tools needed to move them along the path of developing unique destination experiences. The B Hive’s “Developing Destination Experiences” workshop delivered the right balance of expertise, education and engagement including panel discussions and group exercises. Our members particular rated The B Hive’s Experience Framework, noting how easily they felt it could be directly applied back in the workplace.

Jill Abel

Chief Executive Officer, Australian Cruise Association

Tammy was the perfect Keynote Speaker at the 2016 CAUTHE Conference in Sydney. Not only because of the breadth and depth of her experience within various hospitality sectors but also because of her real life examples and her ability to illustrate new trends impacting industry as well as customer behaviours. She is an amazingly engaging speaker and her knowledge is both comprehensive and inspiring.

Jerome Casteigt

General Manager, Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School

The B Hive has introduced our team to a brand new way of thinking and the Business Model Canvas provided a fantastic way for us to break our business down and a systematic way for us to look at how to rebuild and improve it. The workshop content forced us to spend much needed time on rethinking our value proposition and looking at ways to reinvent a mature and traditional business.  Our workshop outcomes included providing us with a fresh approach to target new customers, access to new business channels and strengthen new revenue streams.  This was a highly worthwhile exercise and I would recommend it to any business.  The B Hive exceeded our expectations.

Rachel Mor

Owner, Avon Health Club

At MyTravelResearch.com, we were suffering from the classic Entrepreneurs’ Dilemma: we’d hit a phase of dramatic growth and needed to refine our strategy to make sure we capitalised on it and did not spend our resources too thinly.

As evidence-based strategists ourselves, we recognised we needed an outside perspective – but who did we trust that would do it to our exacting standards?  Based on our experience working with the team members over many years we chose The B Hive.

They took time to understand our business and processes and not just our existing vision but the potential ways we might all see it.  They then conducted a one-day strategy session for us that helped us refine our strategy proposition, re-prioritise our key products and reassess ways that we could refocus others to make them more valuable to our growth.

We found their tools and approaches very relevant to our needs as a fast growing entrepreneurial business with limited resources.  The resulting outputs in terms of value proposition and focus has had an immediate positive impact on our business.  I would recommend The B Hive unreservedly, indeed we are already exploring ways to partner with them further so impressed were we.

Carolyn Childs

CEO and Co-founder, MyTravelResearch.com

In 2017, the Australian Cruise Association (ACA) held its annual conference with the theme of “Together towards tomorrow”. We engaged Tammy from The B Hive as a keynote speaker not only because of the depth of her knowledge and experience in the cruise industry, but also because we wanted a respected, engaging and forward thinking presenter who could grab the attendee’s attention and open them to a new way of thinking. Tammy’s keynote delivered in spades.  Her presentation “Designing for Tomorrow” was incredibly well received by everyone and the out takes from her presentation continue to be discussed as an opportunity for the industry.

Jill Abel

Chief Executive Officer, Australian Cruise Association

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