The B Hive is a business transformation consultancy.


TRANSFORM: <to change in composition or structure: to change the outward form or appearance of: to change in character or condition>

We’re currently in an innovation and entrepreneurial revolution and the world is no longer predictable for organisations, or for individuals.

The old way of doing business is dying and Australia and the world at large is at a cross roads and in transition. Our current economic and political systems are failing and seemingly broken and it’s estimated that 4.6m jobs will become obsolete in Australia in the coming years.

At The B Hive, we believe that a fresh approach is required and that for individuals and businesses to succeed, they need to transform themselves. To do things differently! Even if it means sometimes stepping sideways or completely outside their comfort zone.

With a focus on the Tourism & Travel and Hospitality & Leisure industries, The B Hive specialises in transforming people and businesses so that they can future proof themselves against the rate of technological change.

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