The B Hive’s Technology Audit examines the application of technological solutions within a business and identifies opportunities for improved efficiency, productivity and profitability.

We identify roadblocks, bottlenecks and process gaps in your business and use these findings to determine the potential for process optimisation through to the potential application including its suitability for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


The B Hive will meet with management to discuss and consider the existing application of technology to workflows in business, interviewing key staff and conducting desktop research to gain a 360 degree view of technological usage, covering both the direct and indirect costs of your business.

A full report, including recommendations, anticipated ROI and cost-benefit analysis will be provided.  This may include existing technologies, APIs, diverse data set aggregation and, in some cases, even the potential application of cognitive computing, AI techniques and machine learning to meet the needs of your business.

Throughout the audit process, we’ll maintain the philosophy of customer intimacy and remain committed to the principles of discover, transparency and entrepreneurship. And, our team will always be guided by the understanding that your business ultimately aims to solve any identified problems.

Why a Technology Audit?

A Technology Audit is right for you if you’re facing any or all of thefollowing scenarios:

  1. You feel staff members’ time are spent on menial tasks or that process gaps exist
  2. You are unsure whether technology solutions used within your business stack up against modern standards or will meet your and your customers’ demands for the years ahead
  3. You want to improve your performance, productivity and profitability
  4. You want to apply AI to identify commercial opportunities from global data sets

Who is it ideal for?

  • Business Owners
  • Managers
  • High-level administrators

What are the main components of a Technology Audit?

A Technology Audit consists of:

  • Discovery – High-level meetings and questionnaires to determine specific areas of the business to target
  • Deep Dive – Existing Environment (hardware, learning environment, accessibility, mobility) and Software Solution Implementation (density and adoption)
  • Report and Recommendations – Including for example:
    • Existing technology – examination of framework and recommendations for implementation and change management
    • New technology solution – Application Prototype (Image Based Web Application, Visual Concept, Navigation Experience)

What’s covered in a Technology Audit?

We may cover any or all of the following:

  • Systems Hierarchy
    • Systems Overview
    • Systems Characterics
    • Systems Architecture (UML, technical, infrastructure services and security)
  • Information Architecture Analysis
    • Data Objects and Models
    • Data Structures (existing, statistical and more)
    • Collection, Forms and Content Types
    • Communications Mapping
    • Repository Format (storage and accessibility)
    • Identification of Deficiencies (structural)
  • Technical Analysis
    • Existing Infrastructure (hardware, environment, accessibility and mobility)
    • Software Implementations (density and adoption)
  • Needs Analysis
    • Opportunity Documentation (business intelligence, reporting, systems, improvement and value statement)


A Technology Audit is carried out using a combination of face-to-face and desk audit, including:

  • Online or email surveys
  • Management meetings
  • On-site workflow walk-through and interviews
  • Desktop research and analysis

At the conclusion, clients will receive a complete Technology Audit Report including implementation recommendations.


  • The duration will vary depending on the complexity of scope and the size of business.


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