The ability to produce your best results requires a clear and complete understanding of the problem you’re looking to solve. Whether it’s an internal problem of aligning strategy and business operations or a customer-facing problem that threatens the realisation of customer value, this workshop is about creating alignment throughout every part of your organisation as it evolves.

Creative problem solving is a skill that can be developed. It’s not just about brainstorming, it’s actually a well structured process that can help from defining problems right through to implementing solutions.

Using a beginner’s mindset to not let existing knowledge get in your way, you’ll take a customer and/or employee centric approach to explore pain points, identify pain relievers, help you think outside the box and flesh out new ideas using a range of new tools.

You’ll learn about and use design thinking and start-up principles to identify problems, test the hypothesis and identify and choose the right solutions.

The B Hive’s Creative Problem Solving Workshop will help you to:

  • identify the problem or customer pain point;
  • research the problem;
  • explore problem solving techniques;
  • review divergent thinking tools;
  • identify insights; and
  • choose the appropriate path to action

In this workshop, you’ll also work on a business problem in the tourism and hospitality industry or on a question/problem/case you may want to explore.

Ideal For:

  • Executive Teams
  • Commercial Teams
  • Project Teams
  • Product Teams
  • Marketing Teams
  • Sales Teams
  • Other Cross Functional Teams


  • Pre and post workshop outputs


  • The workshop can be held at your chosen location.


  • The workshop is six (6) hrs in duration.
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