Do you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel running faster and faster but not really getting anywhere? Are the old processes that used to work fine before now breaking down, stalling your projects so that nothing gets delivered on time? And, do you catch yourself often wondering how on earth you’re going to keep growing your business while you spend ever more time on improving processes, embedding analytics, upgrading systems and driving automation?

If you answered YES to these questions, now might be the time to look at a whole new approach. As established hospitality and tourism businesses face ever increasing competition from low cost entrants using superior technology, direct channels and digital platforms, businesses need to redesign and pivot their business model in order to compete effectively and future proof themselves against the rate of technological change.

The B Hive’s Pivot Your Business Model Workshop will help you to:

  • Explore and consider business model patterns specific to the Hospitality and Tourism sectors
  • Define how your organisation currently creates, delivers and captures value
  • Understand your customer segments
  • Identify and solve big pain points within the business
  • Identify opportunities to generate superior value for the business and your customers/clients
  • Create new value that drives better profitability
  • Build the nine components of the business model canvas

Ideal For:

  • Executive Teams
  • Commercial Teams
  • Product and Marketing Teams who want to explore product and customer development


  • Pre and post workshop outputs.


  • The workshop can be held at your chosen location.


  • The workshop is one (1) day/ (8 hrs) in duration.
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