The world’s talking about the digital revolution and the rampant speed of change in the new economy. Everyday brings new technologies, new market entrants and heightened consumer expectations, yet many businesses are still not responding or feeling compelled to act.

Today, 70% of senior executives know and agree that innovation will be one of the top 3 drivers of growth in the next 3-5 years. However, only 27% of these senior executives feel and agree that innovation is a core part of their business strategy.*

The Innovation Imperative

Innovation is no longer a choice. It is an imperative. Innovation has become a core driver of growth, performance and, customer and talent acquisition.

It’s also a key source of current and long term competitive advantage with those who pursue innovative efforts more likely to survive longer and deliver higher returns. The not so good news is that innovation is not easy and many organisations are struggling to make it work.

What changes is your business making to survive and remain relevant? How much are you investing in breakthrough innovation for long-term growth? Can your business model survive new, disruptive market entrants? What will be your future growth engine?


Innovation cannot be successful without strong engagement by senior and middle management. Leaders need to:

  • understand the ‘why’ behind change;
  • decide where to adopt agile principles;
  • learn new language, behaviours and ways to lead to foster an innovative culture;
  • learn new tools from design thinking concepts to lean start-up methodologies; and
  • gain exposure to successful entrepreneurs and start-ups.

This will require a paradigm shift in the ways you work and think, which is why we developed MindShift.


Innovation will fail if people at all levels of a business are not on board or engaged because everything starts and ends with people. They’re the glue of an organisation, the influencers within the business, the drivers and creators of new ideas and they’re the key to breaking down silos within a business.

More than ever, senior business managers must challenge legacy strategies and processes and seek more efficient, less wasteful ways of delivering new value through innovative frameworks and tools.

The MindShift program will challenge you and your people to think in this way to drive bottom line improvements and develop a platform for innovation and growth.


The B Hives’s MINDSHIFT FOR EXECUTIVE LEADERS program will help you to:

  • recognise early warning signs of disruptive change;
  • perform in unpredictable environments;
  • learn start-up principles;
  • understand design thinking;
  • embrace agile thinking and methodologies;
  • build new business models;
  • understand new ways of working; and
  • think more entrepreneurially.

Ideal For:

  • Executive Teams
  • Functional Directors
  • Projects Teams
  • High Performers
  • Emerging Talent


  • All course materials
  • Working from co-op working space


  • A commitment of approximately 2 days per month for 3 months, although some pre and post work will be required. The program can be curated to suit executive’s with challenging demands and diaries. We would suggest four, half days per month.


  • *McKinsey Leadership and Innovation
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