GROWTH is the number one priority for businesses and there are many motives for pursuing growth: investors want greater returns; businesses needs economies of scale; executives want to demonstrate their capabilities; and teams want opportunities for development. Ultimately though, growth is about sustainability and survival. Any business that does not seek out growth is likely to fade and disappear as new players and disruptors change the marketplace, meet shifting customer expectations and take market share.

If you want to remain relevant, then growth trumps all.

The No 1 Priority

Growth should be the number one priority of your businesses’ strategy, applying to the top and bottom lines. Both revenue and margin metrics must grow for a business to remain relevant in its marketplace as revenue growth without profitability doesn’t demonstrate a viable business model, nor does cost cutting to grow margins suggest success in the long-run.

Growth in your business comes in many forms, from organic strategies to accelerated growth models and at The B Hive, our vision is to help you future proof your business and for that, growth is the key.

What’s on the horizon?

We like to think about these things in terms of 3 horizons:

  • Horizon 1 – Defending and extending your core business
  • Horizon 2 – Exploring high potential and emerging growth opportunities
  • Horizon 3 – Identifying future strategically aligned offerings
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Developing your growth strategy

If you’re not sure where to start, The B Hive can assist in developing your growth strategy, helping you to:

  1.  understand where you’re going, so you know what you’re looking for;
  2.  identify where your industry and organisation is under pressure;
  3.  define your areas for capability building;
  4.  understand your growth and innovation options;
  5.  explore Blue Ocean strategies with internal teams;
  6.  develop an external growth strategy;
  7.  work out what you stop doing to trade off resources and invest into future horizons;
  8.  determine who owns innovation in your organisation; and
  9.  devise what structures and reporting lines look like.

Our Growth Offerings

The B Hive provides highly customised growth offerings specific to your business. These include:


The B Hive’s Discovery Session enables your leadership team to step away from the day-to-day operations and focus on the future while we provide external expertise, a fresh perspective and the tools to accelerate new growth opportunities.

You’ll find more information on the Discovery Session here.

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The B Hive’s Growth Strategy Development looks at options for growth within your core business, explores new options for growth, approaches to growth and trade offs required to succeed.  It will also help you to identify emerging business drivers, shifts in the market and their potential future impact.  We’ll explore the three horizons for growth and how best to cultivate a balanced and focused approach to growth including internal requirements.

You’ll find more information on Growth Strategy Development here.

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The B Hive’s Business Matching Service finds, evaluates and matches you with suitable businesses that fit your strategic criteria, saving you time while we search and scan the market to find you opportunities to accelerate growth.

You’ll find more information on the Business Matching service here.

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