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Today’s fast-paced marketplace requires mutually beneficial partnerships to leverage creativity, experience and resources. Those businesses that look for partnerships, acquisitions or to collaborate externally are able to innovate much more quickly and create solutions to problems.

Connecting and collaborating with others can unlock substantial value and it has become essential to work or partner with others, to invest or acquire to gain new customers, to develop new business models and to acquire new technologies, capabilities and processes.

The B Hive’s Business Matching service finds, evaluates and matches you with suitable businesses that fit your strategic criteria, saving you time while we search and scan the market to find you opportunities to accelerate your growth.


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Why use our Business Matching service?

The B Hive’s Business Matching service is right for you if you’re facing any or all of the following scenarios:

  • You’re looking to accelerate growth;
  • You want to source strategic partnerships;
  • You want to collaborate with start-ups or adjacent industries; and
  • You’re looking to fill technology, systems, customer or capability gaps.

What are the main components of the Business Matching Service?

The Business Matching service consists of:

  • An Overview of the Market – a review of the operating landscape, competitive set and market dynamics
  • Market Scanning – defining the search criteria and identifying opportunities and the leading and lagging businesses
  • Target Qualification – the assessment and evaluation of buyer and seller propositions, value and synergies

What’s covered in the Business Matching service?

We’ll match you with businesses, partners, sellers, suppliers or start-ups that can grow and create value for your business. Leveraging our extensive networks within the Travel and Tourism sectors, technology and start-up ecosystems, we’ll thoroughly evaluate and understand your business before we introduce you to any potential business matches. To ensure our matching service delivers long term success, we’ll look at the following areas:

  • Formulation of Brief
  • Development of Search and Assessment Criteria
  • Competitive Landscape Review
  • Research & Industry/Sector Database Review
  • Network and Advisor Input/Feedback
  • Market Scanning
  • Target Qualification & Assessment
  • Informal Contact with Potential Targets
  • Short List Development

Who is it ideal for?

  • Tourism, Travel, Hospitality and Leisure businesses
  • Suppliers to Tourism, Travel, Hospitality and Leisure businesses
  • Any size business, from small to large
  • Venture Capitalists


Our Business Matching service is carried out using a combination of:

  • Discovery Sessions (if required);
  • Stakeholder Engagement;
  • Opportunity Assessments; and
  • Desk Research.

At conclusion, clients will receive a complete Recommendation Report that includes summary findings and a short list with an assessment of potential synergies.


  • The duration will vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project.


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