Discovery Session

Innovation is a driver for rapid revenue growth and a competitive necessity for the long-term future of a business.  Innovation is also transforming business, with 79% of the most innovative companies having well defined innovation strategies that treat it like any other business process. *

What impact will disruption have on your business? Where is your industry under pressure and what investments do you need to make to secure your future? Do you have a growth strategy and what are your growth and innovation options? And, importantly, who owns innovation in your organisation, what are the areas for capability building and how would you rate your corporate readiness for innovation?

The purpose of discovery is to learn about your business needs, your goals, strategic priorities and challenges. Our Discovery Session will help frame challenges and explore growth pathways that match your strategy, resources and capabilities, and produce a roadmap.

Our Discovery Session enables your leadership team to step away from the day-to-day operations and focus on the future while we provide external expertise, a fresh perspective and the tools to accelerate new growth opportunities.  This discovery process as a key step in uncovering the needs, challenges and intentions for growth and our Business Matching service.

The B Hive’s DISCOVERY SESSION will help you to:   

  • Understand your strategy and competitive landscape
  • Create a picture for the future
  • Explore growth models
  • Introduce the types of innovation
  • Identify strategic issues where innovation is necessary
  • Focus on key drivers and resources for future growth and market creating opportunities

* PWC Breakthrough Innovation and Growth Survey


8 + 1 =

Who is it ideal for?

  • C-suite
  • Leadership Teams


Pre and post session outputs.


The session can be held at your chosen location.


  • The session is 4 hours in duration.


10 + 14 =

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