Today, growth should be a critical priority for your business. And, while there are many motives for pursuing growth: investors want greater returns; businesses need economies of scale; executives want to demonstrate their capabilities; and teams want opportunities for development, ultimately though, growth is about sustainability and survival.

Any business that doesn’t seek out growth opportunities is likely to fade and disappear as new players and disruptors change the marketplace, meet shifting customer expectations and take market share.

Growth should be the number one priority of your businesses’ strategy, applying to the top and bottom lines. Both revenue and margin metrics must grow for a business to remain relevant in its marketplace as revenue growth without profitability doesn’t demonstrate a viable business model, nor does cost cutting to grow margins suggest success in the long-run. So, if you want to remain relevant, then growth trumps all.

And, since growth in your business can come in many forms, from organic strategies to accelerated growth models and more, our Growth Strategy Development offering aims to optimise your results through the minimisation of risk and effort. At The B Hive, our vision is to help businesses to future proof themselves and for that to occur, growth is the key.


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Why Growth Strategy Development?

Growth Strategy Development is right for you if you’re facing any or all of the following scenarios:

  • You want to identify all options for growth for your business;
  • You’re looking to accelerate growth;
  • You want to ensure your business is able to adapt more easily to changes in market dynamics;
  • You want to transform your business now to remain relevant in the future; and
  • You want to future proof your business from disruption.

Who is it ideal for?

  • C-suite and Founders
  • Leaderships Teams
  • Tourism, Travel, Hospitality and Leisure businesses
  • Any sized business from small to large, start-up to established.

What are the main components of Growth Strategy Development?

Growth Strategy Development consists of:

  • Incremental Growth Opportunities – identifying options for growth within your core business
  • New Growth Models – exploring new options for growth, approaches to growth and the trade offs required
  • Scenario Planning – identifying emerging business drivers, shifts in the market and their potential future impact
  • Planning for the Future – understanding the three horizons for growth and cultivating a balanced and focused approach to growth including internal requirements

What’s covered in Growth Strategy Development?

We may look at any or all of the following areas:

  • Where you are going
  • Where your industry and business is under pressure
  • Where disruption will likely come from in the future
  • What areas you need to develop capabilities in
  • Incremental growth opportunities – products, pricing, customers and markets
  • Options for growth and innovation – organic and inorganic
  • External growth options and partnership opportunities
  • Balancing the needs of today versus the future
  • Trade offs required for investment in future horizons
  • Risk identification and strategies
  • Innovation ownership in your business
  • Appropriate internal structures to facilitate growth and innovation
  • Systems and processes to support innovation
  • Cultural adjustments required to foster growth and innovation


Growth Strategy Development is carried out using a combination of face-to-face and online initiatives, including:

  • Discovery Sessions (if required);
  • Workshops;
  • Stakeholder Interviews;
  • Opportunity Assessments; and
  • Desktop Research.

At conclusion, clients will receive a complete Growth Strategy Report that includes clear recommendations and a suggested roadmap for implementation.


  • The duration will vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project.


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