Economic Studies

Economic Studies can include but is not limited to researching source markets, the sizing of markets, undertaking market demand analysis and forecasting and trend analysis, while assessing, infrastructure and amenities requirements and the overall economic benefits.

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Government Relations

Government Relations involves working in partnership with governments as an industry adviser. It may include providing information on destinations, trends, consumers, products, policies and more.

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Infrastructure involves a review and recommendations in the areas of amenities, arrivals and capacity, planning and any expected impacts.

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Sustainability involves understanding, reviewing and devising ways to facilitate responsible travel by minimising the impact of travel tourism with the goals of caring for where you go, not over-running an area and leaving no footprint.

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Destination Development Planning

Destination Development Planning is a collaborative approach to developing strategic plans and new products for destinations while enhancing the quality of visitor experiences. It also aims to ensures a high standard of services and amenities are in place to generate long-term demand.

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Destination Management

Destination Management encompasses the design and implementation of events, activities, tours, transportation, amenities and program logistics. It also includes how best to work with the variety of stakeholders who are involved in all areas of execution.

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Visitor Services Strategy

A Visitor Services Strategy aligns with the Destination Management Plan and looks at how to leverage technology to enhance the visitor experience.

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Visitor Demand Strategy

Visitor Demand Strategy takes into account identifying the drivers of demand and understanding the preferences and influences of travel decisions.

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Destination Brand Development

Destination Brand Development involves a review and understanding of the assets of the destination and its competitive strengths with a view to formulating its brand values and point of difference.

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Research can be consumer, trade and/or stakeholder focused (internal and external). It is designed to elicit deep and rich insights that can be leveraged by a business across a range of areas including marketing, product development and strategy to name but a few. It can be qualitative or quantitative in nature and include anything from focus groups and workshops to surveys, interviews and more.

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Promotion involves understanding the drivers of demand, the requirements of various customer segments and how to best leverage partnerships and promotions to attract visitors.

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