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What is Leezair?

We are an Australian technology start-up that creates apps, integrations and B2B services that allow – on one side – travellers to experience their surroundings more often and more conveniently and – on the other side – operators/providers of experiences to manage their listings, bookings, customers, payments and distribution.

Our B2C apps aim to inspire adventure and encourage freedom through personalisation. Leezair starts  by suggesting adventures that are tailored to any condition, so you can continue to discover the magnificent world around you without limitations.

At Leezair, we believe adventure and experiences are what make life extraordinary. We understand that experiences are personal, and that no one knows you better than you know yourself. From tough explorers to first timers, we connect people with activities and experiences that cater to their personality type, budget and needs.

Since day one it is our mission at Leezair to aggregate experiences, tours and activities so you could find and book them on the go. Leezair now operates worldwide, processing bookings in 182 countries and payments in 135 currencies. 

Since 2017, Leezair mainly focus on B2B operations as we have build our own ‘Travel Partner Network’ for distributors and a dedicated Marketplace including a free booking system to support Tours & Activities suppliers with no reservation system and/or no online presence. For example, Airlines, Hotels, Visitor centres, Travel agencies, etc. can access their services in order to improve the traveler experience and create a new revenue stream – maximising their profit. 

Tell us a little bit about yourselves …

I have a consultancy and start-up background. I was the Entrepreneur in Residence working on CRM for Rocket Internet, the company that launched The Iconic in Australia. In 2015, I started working full-time on Leezair and from our minimum viable product research, I managed to secure funding with strategic investors (Clinton Capital Partners, Allan Moss, John Grill, etc.) in 2016 to grow the team and build our innovations in tourism/travel.

Where did the idea come from?

Like every great idea, Leezair was born out of pure frustration and a desire for a solution. The concept came to me when I was travelling in the Philippines in 2014. I became frustrated with the difficulty of trying to book scuba diving, and realised that the entire Tours & Activities market wasn’t meeting consumer needs for a mobile app that enabled last minute bookings in real time. This problem was later confirmed across Europe, US and APAC. When I returned to Sydney, I did market research and began to swiftly develop the idea into a product, bringing the Leezair dream to life.

Where do you see it going in the next year?

In the next year, we’ll continue to roll out innovations to support our industry which has been left behind with technology. Partners will be able to order Kiosks to replace walls of static brochures or experiment Leezair VR which allow travellers to try before booking. 

We also aim to shape the future of tourism by releasing live and personalised recommendations on the go through IoT and new interfaces such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa or Smart cars.

Picture yourself landing in a city you don’t know and on the go get tips of things to do you will like with the ability to book it directly by voice. 

If someone walked up to you and offered to help, what would you ask for?

Right now we need more visibility as we are exclusively focusing on technology. Or a direct and warm introduction to Steve Kaufer (lol).

If people want to learn more, how can they get in touch?

Shoot me an email or check out our B2b offering at


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