Whether it’s pub trivia or a quiz in the weekend paper, there is something irresistible about testing your knowledge. After all, you know you’re a smart cookie but sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of validation.

Which brings us to professional smarts. Do you know if your skills, technology or mindset are future proof? And what about your business? Are you a proverbial horse and buggy sitting on the starting line with a motor car?

What skills do you have that are evergreen and which ones will you need to pull apart and reconfigure? After all, skills are multi-dimensional things that have parts that can be reused and upcycled, much like an old iPhone – ie. there’s gold in them that can be reclaimed.

Businesses, however, face a tougher challenge. Rather than having the nimble turning circle of an individual, they are a group effort, much like a professional sailing team. Everyone is playing their part, relying on each other for survival, reading the weather and taking orders from the captain. It’s this synergy of skills that allow a business to progress but how do you identify skill gaps when everyone is busy with the task at hand?

Like the Titanic, there are certain things that businesses – even ones that think they are the epitome of modernity – need to consider if they are to safely traverse the seas of the future with their passengers (employees, customers and stakeholders) safely onboard.

The team at The B Hive have applied their years of experience to coming up with an assessment tool to decipher how future ready a business is.

The multiple choice questionnaire delves into the following areas:

1. Mindset – Having the right mindset is crucial for any organisation who is serious about future success.

2. Strategy – The approach any business puts in place to help achieve strategic goals in the short and long term will have a    huge impact on how future-ready it will be.

3. Systems – How an organisation operates to gets things done and what steps it takes to strengthen its ability to innovate greatly influences the level of success that it can achieve in the future.

4. Talent – An organisation’s workforce is one of, if not the, most valuable asset and having a diverse blend of employees will undoubtedly affect performance in the future.

5. Technology – Technology now drives operations at every level of the organisation and IT is now a linchpin in helping transform organisations.

6. Skills – The business world is changing at an unprecedented speed. How quickly your workforce can adapt to these changing needs is one of the keys to future success.

7. Customers – In order to be future-ready, it is critical to cement decision-making across all business functions that impact core segments as well as help identify emerging customer opportunities.

Are you willing to take the test and see how your business or employer stacks up? Click below to begin.


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