What is Vloggi?

Vloggi is an easy and affordable way for organisations to source, brand and license video generated by their stakeholders. We call it fanmade films, because it’s a way for brands to use their fanbase to create compelling, authentic video content, and reward them.

By breaking down video projects into 10-second chunks that organisations then stick together to make short films, hundreds of freelance videographers can work simultaneously, massively reducing time and cost of video production.

Where did the idea come from?

In all my tourism consulting, the one thing that people said was that they needed video content. For the big guys, they needed volume of content, and for the small guys, they just needed video. But video is hard. It’s expensive and time consuming. So the result is that a lot of tourism video content is bland. Yet two billion people carry a high definition video camera with them at all times. So the idea was (18 months ago) to create a video capture app so simple that anyone could use it and become a travel videographer. And earn some money doing so. From there we had to build the actual architecture to underpin that simple concept.

Where do you see it going in the next year?

We are piloting with ten companies, mainly in travel and tourism. This is to bed down the automatic editing and branding elements templates. By the end of the year, we hope to be on the desktops of around 5000 companies across Australia and then early 2019 push out to Europe and beyond.

If someone walked up to you and offered to help, what would you ask for?

We are about to go out again for investors. We held back for a long time, bootstrapping the technology. Now we have that, we need to market and find strategic partners who have reach and can see the potential of crowdsourced video production.

Beyond that, we’re looking for good video developers and designers with an understanding of lower thirds and dynamic graphic elements (get in touch if you understand that last bit).

If people want to learn more, how can they get in touch?

Head to, email me at or message me via LinkedIn.


Want to watch Justin’s 60 second video pitch?

Click on the video below.


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