• The B Hive launches a Travel & Tourism industry White Paper
  • Disruption is only set to intensify
  • A collaborative mindset is required to generate growth and survive

 At last month’s 2017 Australian Cruise Association Conference, Tammy Marshall, Founder and Managing Director of The B Hive, delivered a keynote presentation “Designing for Tomorrow” that called for greater collaboration across both the cruise sector and the Travel and Tourism industry as a whole (watch HERE).

Today, The B Hive announces the release of its white paper entitled “COLLABORATION IN THE TRAVEL & TOURISM INDUSTRY – The need for greater collaboration to sustain future growth.”

A leading expert and voice in the Hospitality & Tourism industry, Ms. Marshall says “Collaboration is the next big thing! It’s already happening around the world… and with great success. And considering Australia’s poor track record in this area, Australia as well as the Travel & Tourism industry, really need to get on board now to ensure they don’t miss the boat.”


The white paper addresses the fact that the disruption that has unfolded over the last couple of years is only going to get more intense and that for some that will be frightening and for others it will be thrilling.  However, the key is to not ignore it and instead embrace it.  It also explores today’s influential trends and highlights why businesses should collaborate. Ms. Marshall says, “There are many gains to be had from collaborative working practices not the least in productivity and creativity. Collaboration offers the opportunity to lift your game, to enhance your customer knowledge, minimise the risk of being left behind and create a situation where everyone’s a winner. But, businesses need to be cognisant that collaboration like most things has its own challenges.”

“There’s certainly a few things businesses can be doing or watching out for along the way to ensure any hurdles are overcome. The need for a shift in the mindset for collaboration, strong infrastructure, seamless guest experiences and a “Go big or go home” attitude can’t be underestimated if you’re really out to make an impact.”

And her last piece of sage advice, “There’s no doubt that greater collaboration is a necessity to sustain future growth. And, if you think today is scary, tomorrow is even more of a rollercoaster… so buckle up and hold on.”

You can download The B Hive’s Collaboration in the Travel & Tourism Industry White Paper HERE.

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