Technology is embedded in everything we do. From the moment we wake up, most of us check emails, Facebook, LinkedIn and messaging apps like Viber and WhatsApp.

At work, we Skype, we log into various content management systems and lodge employee forms online.

Thousands of processes a day resulting in thousands of hours a year.

The question is: Is this time being used effectively?

It’s easy to get attached to old systems because everyone knows how to use them and you invested heavily upfront.

The B Hive is here to say, let it go.

Let it goooooo.

As any parent to children of a certain age will know, these are the lyrics to a song from Frozen.

But it’s also a wise approach to technology management.

Don’t let legacy issues hold you back.

It’s for this reason that The B Hive has introduced a new Technology Audit. Our team examine the application of technological solutions in your business and identify opportunities to improve efficiency, productivity and profitability.

B Hive Founder Tammy Marshall says, “We identify roadblocks, bottlenecks and process gaps in your business and use these findings to delineate the potential for process optimisation. We also look at potential applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.”

Marshall says that she has heard lots of managers, business owners and high level administrators complaining about their staff wasting time.

But is it the staff or is it the technology that they’re using?

The B Hive will help you identify the best tech solutions to fill any productivity gaps, as well as provide advice around opportunities to use cutting edge AI.

We conduct the audit by running an online or email survey with your staff and customers, hosting a management meeting, going through workflows on-site with your staff and conducting interviews, followed by in-depth desktop research and analysis.

At the end of this three week process, clients receive a Technology Audit Report including implementation recommendations.

The B Hive will identify problem areas, as well as areas of opportunity, and match your business up with the technology – both hardware and software – that most suits your needs.

The nuts and bolts: What’s covered in a Technology Audit?

  • Process mapping (business process)
  • Technical Analysis
  • Available technologies
  • Risk identification

Ask yourself: How many hours a day could you save if your staff were using the best available technologies in the best possible way?

Click here for more information or to book your Technology Audit today.


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