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Here’s just a few quick digital tips to make sure you stay on top of your game:

MAP YOUR CUSTOMER’S JOURNEY – It’s important to understand your customer’s experience from the absolute beginning, during and afterwards. Understanding what your customer does before they contact you, during their interactions with you and after they complete their purchase will provide you with a multitude of insights. This can include the identification of pain points that can be removed, as well as indicate where new opportunities might exist to simplify processes, increase conversion and satisfaction rates and even identify where and when you have the ability to influence them and the outcomes.

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A RESPONSIVE WEBSITE –  A responsive website is one that adapts according to what device your customer is viewing your website on.  This means your website can be easily accessed whether looking at it on a desktop computer, a lap top, a tablet or a mobile phone.  With smartphone penetration at one of the highest levels in Australia, if your website is not able to be easily viewed on a smartphone, you’re way behind the eight ball.

THE OPTIMAL USER EXPERIENCE – It’s one thing to have a website, but it’s completely another to have a website that is easy and enjoyable to use.   User experience (UX) is the art of ensuring that your website is optimised to provide the best experience possible for your customers, while at the same time, providing the business with everything it needs. A website is an online real-time entity whose performance should be assessed continually. So, when was the last time you looked at your website’s User Experience? And, have you got the right tools or any tools in place to measure it?

BIG DATA –  Data is the key to understanding your customers, their preferences, their expectations, their behaviours and more.  The more you know about your customer, the better you can design services and products that will appeal to them and create the experiences that they’re after.  Businesses should collect data at every point possible, but it should be the right data, not just ‘any and all’ data.   Make sure you’re aware of appropriate data collection procedures, opt-in and out processes, as well as, the appropriate laws in relation to privacy, digital communications and more. And, make sure that you have the appropriate database/CRM systems and the variety of software applications that can be used to manage and store your data.

WHY NOT A CHAT BOT? – Ever visited a website lately and up pops a little chat box asking if they can help you with something?  That is a chat bot!  A chat bot is a computer program designed to perform simple and common tasks in place of a real person. Yes, that’s right, you’re talking to a computer program and not a real person.  Chat bots have been designed to reduce the need for businesses to answer the same questions that often take up a lot of the time of their customer facing consultants.  Chat bots can provide information and direct people around a website and determine when any requests require a real person to perform the task.  Could a chat bot work for you? It’ll allow you to focus on providing better service to your customers when they need it and act as a 24 hour customer service channel!

CONTENT IS KING – You’ve probably heard the saying ‘Content is King!’. Increasingly, content like news, articles, blogs, images, videos, gifs, etc, are used as a way to attract new customers and engage existing ones. Businesses today need to ensure that they have an appropriate content strategy in place designed for their specific customers and to ensure they know which channels to use to reach their customers. For example, travel lends itself well to communicating via social channels like facebook, instagram and YouTube, through emails and newsletters, but less so for LinkedIn or Twitter.  But, the big questions come down to what content do you need and how can source or create the content in the first place.

BRAND – All of the above tips rely on you knowing who you are as a brand, what makes you different from everyone else and how your brand should be represented and communicated including its look and feel and tone of voice.  A clear understanding of this will help you determine what is appropriate when it comes to your customer’s journey’s, your websites and user experience, your customer service channels and the content you develop and communicate. Get it wrong and you can cause unimaginable damage to your business.


The B Hive offers a Marketing Audit and a Technology Audit, to help you set yourself and your business up for the future.


The B Hive’s Marketing Audit is an in-depth review and analysis of all aspects of a marketing function within a business. It includes but is not limited to, a review of the following:

  • Brand – architecture model, positioning of brands, brand health, brand identity design and execution
  • Marketing – strategy, tactics, plans, budgets, metrics and ROMI
  • Structure – functions, head count, roles and responsibilities, recruitment, internal stakeholders and relationships, agencies and suppliers
  • Digital – websites, mobile and apps, social, tools and software, capabilities
  • Systems – database, data analytics, marketing analytics, email, content management and reporting

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The B Hive’s Technology Audit examines the application of technological solutions within a business and identifies opportunities for improved efficiency, productivity and profitability.

We identify roadblocks, bottlenecks and process gaps in your business and use these findings to delineate the potential for process optimisation through to the potential application including its suitability for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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