The B Hive Beliefs

  • Flexibility – One size doesn’t fit all – change is fluid and needs to be designed for purposefully given that innovation needs to be embedded in the organisation.
  • Simplicity – Over complicating things just makes it more difficult for every one
  • Thinking & Planning Ahead – Thinking and planning ahead has never been more important
  • Disruption – constantly disrupting your business
  • People over profit – people first – precious asset is your people – talent shortages
  • Collaboration – breaking down silos, building diverse teams, foster collaboration, assembling the right team
  • Culture – care about personally as much as u do prof, engagement at all levels,
  • Education – helping people prepare for change. Disrupt yourself
  • Change – technology is the easy party of change
  • Innovation – turn up the dial no matter what and where you are
  • Transparency – process, tools, what’s happening, observations
  • Start-Up Mindset – Think like a start-up
  • Customer Centricity – It all starts with the customer and designed with the customer in mind
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