How Human is your organisation?

7 health-checks to help transform your business

Organisations that want to succeed in the future will need to embrace new ways of thinking and working, whether that be creating a workforce full of lifelong learners; implementing a system that allows for co-creation with consumers; embedding internal processes that are grounded in human centred design thinking or finding the right balance between robots and people. The holy grail is utilising automation to re-humanise the workplace rather than dehumanise it. This paper intends to look at all the variables causing such dramatic changes and importantly outline what it will take for organisations to become more humancentric in the future.

The paper will:

  • explore seven areas that you can assess how healthy your organisation is;
  • share our observations on how organisations will need to shift gears to prepare for the future;
  • provide relevant case studies;
  • share guidelines on what you should start doing, consider doing or stop all together; and
  • complete a quick health check assessment.


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